The Metric System

The phrases "what is that in old money?" or "what's that in mph?" can often be heard up and down the country but to be honest mostly in retirement homes nowadays. It is true that some of those who grew up using Imperial measurements don't like these newfangled meters and kilograms but the clincher in... Continue Reading →

The Age of the Universe

This is quite a long read but that is both appropriate and relative because the Universe's lifespan is also long, I mean LOOOOONG. Never has the phrase "as old as time" been quite so appropriate as it is when talking about the age of Universe. It would be fair to say the Universe is long... Continue Reading →

The most embarrassing mystery in science.

Matter only makes up 4 percent of the Universe. A further 23% of the Universe is made up of dark matter and the final 73% is dark energy. Would you like to know exactly what dark matter and dark energy are? Yeah, so would scientists. That's right, they make up 96% of the Universe and we don't know what they are, more than a little embarrassing.

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